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The day-to-day lives of a clueless nudist and a mad scientist who's not exactly the best at what he does. How they pay for the stuff they do we will never know.

Bam! Headshot!

Yep. It's official. Trooper66 and I met today and decided to cancel DnS. Suprisingly, it's my third comic in which only 3 strips were published. We decided that since we aren't getting any visitors because our art (pardon my French) sucked, we would start again. Hey, DnS was mostly an inside joke for a long time. It's funny to us, not to everyone else. DnS will stay up for a while, then it will be deleted. We did decide, however, to try again. We will be working on the comic Le French American. This comic features the rich French man, Jacques, and Martin, the beer-guzzling, pie-eating, football-loving American. It's HILARIOUS. Or it should be, at least. So come over RIGHT NOW, and we might give you pie. Or something else good. We know that we don't have any readers, but hey. It's worth a shot.

The Holidays

DnS will be taking a hiatus until January. Trooper66 and I are getting together to decide wether or not to continue with the comic. We will either improve the art style, completely redo the comic, or begin again with a new comic. Anyway, happy holidays to all!

The update... dunh dunh dunh

Don't worry, it will be up. I had no idea that fullpage comics were so hard! I have it almost done, I just need to draw the final draft.

Ohh! I got one! I got one! A drill sergeant is running his men through the camp all day with full packs. He stops a new recruit and yells in his face, "I bet yew just want me to die right now so you can urinate on my grave!" The recruit says, "Sir, no, sir! After I get out of the Army, I will never stand in a line again!"

Dont worry

Trooper 66 here I hope Redfox5 will post a new comic soon... Until than I have to entertain you even though you is nobody because nobody visits our site.

Two guys walked into a bar and...the third guy ducked

A mushroom walked into a bar and the tender said "we don serve your kind here"
and the Shroom said" Come on I'm a fun-gi


Yup, no comic this week. It was my turn, but I will be without a scanner for the rest of the week, as I'm going away. Instead, Trooper66 made this little filler for the thanksgiving holiday. The lady on the right will be Sell's girlfriend (do NOT ask why). Happy Thanksgiving!

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